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Classifications of Concrete


Classifications of Concrete

<p>Concrete can be classified by different ways. The classifications of concrete are as followings:</p>planetary concrete mixer,<a href="http://www.daswellchina.com/products/concrete-batchingplants/small-concrete-batching-plant.html">small concrete batching plant</a>s,concrete machine, <p> <p>1. Concrete can be classified into inorganic cementitious materials concrete and organic cement concrete according to the cementing material.</p> <p>2. Concrete is able to be grouped into heavy concrete, ordinary concrete and lightweight concrete according to the apparent density.</p> <p>3. Concrete also can be classified into lightweight aggregate concrete, porous concrete, coarse porous concrete.</p> <p>4. According to the use function, concrete can be grouped into structure concrete, decorative concrete, waterproof concrete, refractory concrete, road concrete, anti-radiation concrete, etc.</p> <p>5. According to the manufacturing technology, concrete can be classified into centrifugal concrete, vacuum grouting concrete, spraying concrete <a href="http://www.concrete-batching-plants.org/concrete-batching-plants/stationary-concrete-batching-plants.html">concrete mixing machine prices</a>, roller compacted concrete, pumping concrete and other concretes.</p> <p>After 15-plus years in the concrete <a href="http://daswellchina.com/products/planetary-concrete-mixer/mp750-planetary-concrete-mixers.html">mixing equipment</a>s industry, we can now offer you a comprehensive product range. You will find drum concrete mixer, electric concrete mixer, forced type concrete mixer and other products.</p> <p>We provide standard and customized concrete mixers.</p> <p>Benefit from the supports that our factory can provide, including stable source of raw materials Sicoma <a href="http://www.beton-mixer.com/products/planetary-concrete-mixer/dmp-planetary-concrete-mixer.html">planetary mixer</a> for sale, professional technics and services, quality concrete mixer and others.</p> <p>We send technicians to troubleshoot problems on location <a href="http://www.hollow-block-machine.com/products/JS_Concrete_Mixer_8.html">twin-shaft compulsory mixer</a>,</p>


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